KAGE Productions


We're a team of experienced animators based in Vancouver, BC, Canada producing an original 45-minute anime pilot episode. Popular English language voice actors Vic Mignogna and Yuri Lowenthal are part of the Shadow Magic main cast.

Shadow Magic overview package available [here].

Features, Publications, and Interviews:

2016 Animated short Slope of the Curve debuted on CNN.

2016 Onkei graphic novel published by Dragon Spice. Art by Tiffany Lei.
2015 Shadow Magic Interview Film in Progress via Deviant Art.

2015 Shadow Magic Interview by Lifted Geek.

2015 Shadow Magic Feature by Hikarian Animations.

2015 Bastion City animated short shown at World Animation Celebration opening ceremony. Shadow Magic trailer selected for inclusion in the International Film Festival.

2014 Animated short Crimson Seed debuted at the Urban Action Showcase.

2010 Tiffany Lei awarded best music video. J-Melo, NHK Japan.

2006 Shadow Magic mentioned in the book Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the US by Roland Kelts.

2005 Shadow Magic graphic novel published by Arcana Comics and available in comic stores in the US and Canada. Story and art by Tiffany Lei.

2005 Tiffany Lei featured on Nidojiman in Vancouver, NHK Japan.

2002 Shadow Magic animated short selected for the Victoria International Film Festival.

2001 Shadow Magic animated short selected and shown on YTV Canada's program, Final Cut, and reviewed by animation director Clive Smith.

2001 Tiffany Lei interview with CH TV Victoria about Shadow Magic.

2001 Tiffany Lei interview with The New VI Victoria about Shadow Magic.

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